LULA Elevator

What is a LULA Elevator?

LULA is an acronym for "Limited Use Limited Access" Elevator. The LULA elevator was originally designed and intended for existing buildings. The shallow pit and low overhead requirements make this the most practical way for building owners to add accessibility to their existing buildings in low-rise applications without the construction involved in a full size passenger elevator.

Why a LULA Elevator?
With the LULA type elevator, the elevator and building codes allow many construction benefits for the LULA elevator, which are not allowed on other commercial & passenger elevator types, thus reducing construction costs considerably. The LULA elevator has it's own section in the ASME A17.1 Safety Code for elevators and Escalators, Part 5.2.

Benefits of LULA from Access Lifts:
A few of the benefits of a LULA from Access Lifts include:
* Small cab size allows for a smaller hoistway footprint
* Low pit depth required (minimum of 14”)
* Low overhead (can fit within a 9’-6" ceiling)
* No hoisting beam required
* No lobbies with fire partitions required
* Equipment produces minimal BTU output and therefore typically vents with fire dampers are adequate for maintain an ambient room temperature within the machine room area
* LULA Elevator Portfolio Minnesota

Please feel free to check out a few of our favorite installs in our LULA elevator portfolio. Please call us for more information. We would love to discuss options for your unique application.

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